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Rapid Go-to-market Philosophy

Techworld’s product development process (PDP) is engineered around the need for short development cycles that the current world requires. Our goal is to reduce development time while maintaining the highest quality of the product by employing concepts such as early supplier involvement, total quality management.

Rapid Go-to-Market


Design Team

Techworld is dedicated to constant product development and technological innovation.

Engineering Tools
Mechanical Design

Techworld extremely proficient in various casing design. We have vast experience with various type of materials such as plastic, aluminum and incorporate techniques such as over-molding. We provide rapid prototyping and design proofing through mold analysis and rigorous testing using drop/vibration.

Computer Circuit Board Macro
Electronic Design

We design our products with safety and costs as our main objective and provide customers careful consideration on functionalities such as high power efficiency, heat dissipation, water resistance and electromagnetic capabilities.

Computer Programming
Software Design

Techworld able to write C/C++ and assembly programming in-house. We also develop complex APP-based products using a variety of wireless technologies, Including wireless home automation protocol (Zigbee), bluetooth & WiFi IoT

Comprehensive Design Team

State of the Art
Manufacturing Facilities

Innovations does not only happen on the products, but throughout the manufacturing process as well.  We dedicate ourselves in seeking new cost-effective measures through improving automation, reliability and accuracy in our production processes.  We collaborate with public organizations to move towards the “fourth industrial revolution” (e.g. Industry 4.0 or Made In China 2025) supporting digitization of production, inventory, logistics and supply chain, customer relationship management, and engineering.


We keep our facilities maintained to the highest possible conditions to deliver the highest quality products.

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We provide a comprehensive SMT service from engineering design to procurement to pcb assembly to testing. Our SMT service is includes Surface Mounting, Auto Insertion, COB/BGA placement, Manual Insertion, In-circuit testing, Wireless testing, Environmental Stress test, etc... All our PCBAs are manufactured under lead free and RoHS requirement.

TW factory injection.png
Plastic Injection

Our professional engineers and artisan molding team build products to last. We are accustomed to using various engineering plastics such as ABS, PC-ABS, PC, PPO, TPE, PPE, Nylon, etc... We mold designers and molders are familiar with advanced injection techniques such as gas-assisted injection, over molding, and core insert. Our injection machines range up to 500T and supports dual color injection. We take extreme care in the consistency of our process and automate our injection process with robotics.

tw factory assembly.png

We consistently innovate our methods of production and we support a various mode of production depending on the customers’ needs. Our cell-line production allows our high-mix-low-volume customers to place in just-in-time smaller orders. Our 40 meters conveyor belt production lines allow longer orders delivered at high cost efficiencies. We continually invest into our production lines deploying sophisticated robotics, ATEs (Automated Testing Equipment), ICTs (In-circuit testers), and FCTs (function verification testers) equipment. Our production process continually improves to deliver ever increasing productivity while maintaining the utmost quality and care.

State of te Art Manufacturing Facilities

Global Procurement Team

With over 25 years of procurement experience; we have accumulated a database of over 10,000 vendors worldwide. We are able to procure at the lowest costs while meeting the quality standard demanded by our customers.

Global Procuremen and post-sales

Post-sales support

We value our relationship with our customer especially after delivery.  We always seek ways to improve our products and enhance our customer satisfaction.

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