Power supply equipment

Power Supply Equipment is one of our initial product lines. We began when linear power supply equipment was prevalent and we primarily charge various rechargeable cell batteries. Our products have evolved from AC/DC conversion to include DC/DC, DC/AC, and AC/AC inverters. The efficiency of our products increases with the development of switching power supply and more recently new semiconductor materials (e.g. SiC, GaN) further increase the power and efficiencies of our products.

Automotive electronic equipment

We have developed a variety of electrical accessories for the automotive market including battery maintainers and multi-step chargers, EV chargers, inflators, etc...  Our automotive and marine electronics line is a testament to the durability of our products. We are capable of designing our products to operate under extreme weather conditions, survive shocks and vibration, and operate in high altitudes or at depths as low as 100m below sea level.

LED Lightings

Leveraging on our ability to design cost-effective heat dissipation power supply equipment, we are able to build compact, cost effective and high lumen lighting equipment. Our LED products are typically designed to operate in outdoor environment.

Wireless networking equipment

Techworld has a strong team of computer engineers which develops sophisticated ODM products including IoTs. Our products typically incorporates wireless technologies and we have experience with standard wireless protocols such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as well as more complex wireless mesh networks such as Zigbee.

Home Automation

We have launched our own wireless home control system aimed to make life more convenient for everyone. Our wireless control system can control lighting, blinds, and air conditioning in both residential and commercial environments. The control system is built on top of Zigbee wireless mesh network.  Please visit for more details.

PCBA & Others

We provide PCBA services to our customer tailored to our customer’s needs.  We support customers from simple turnkey solutions to full one-stop (design-buy-fabricate-test) solutions. Our expert electronics engineers and procurement  team support our customers to scale up their volume at the best possible price.

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